Select Match Reviews: Mystical Naucalpan

Matches from IWRG 05/05
1.Dragon Bane, Hijo Canis Lupus, Chico Che vs Metaleon, Fly Warrior, Ovett ***
2.Caristico, Imposible, Aramis vs Los Traumas, Emperador Azteca ***1/2

I continue to catch up on IWRG stuff, nearing being up to date. These two caught my eye, so let's take a look.

The first pull was a good trios contest with some fun moments but the big men admittedly took away from the quality and only added a slight novelty to the match itself. A simple tag would have been far better.

The main event was very good, with Caristico working harder here than he does in most of his CMLL appearances, and everyone else holding their own, too. Go ahead and check that one out.

Skip about 45 minutes in on the video above to start with the listed matches. I have two or three more IWRG shows I'm going to pick around on in the coming days, and then I have vacation as well as a move across the country.

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