Wrestling TV Roundup: June 2019 (Week 2)

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WEEK OF 06/09-06/15

1.Defiant Championship: Rampage(c) vs PAC ***
So, this was good but suffered from the same thing that most of PAC's matches have been suffering from lately (a shit finish). Very attitude era booking.

2.Lumberjack: Psycho Clown vs Rey Escorpion **3/4
AAA Worldwide: Conquista Total en Mochis
Speaking of, here's a lumberjack match from the Mexican version of the attitude era. Really, this was a decent use of the stipulation with most of the trope boxes being checked off. Though, are lumberjacks supposed to feel up the lumberjills? This was a pretty decent, chaotic match that also served as a backdoor pilot to next week's Jinetes vs PdN contest so that's worth something.

3.CWFH Heritage Title: Brown(c) vs Rogelio **1/2
Championship Wrestling #10
I figured I'd check in on CWFH, especially since they have this new series. This was very old school stuff not only in pace but also in the circus act finish. Decent match but far from required viewing.

4.Braun, Miz, Ricochet vs Joe, Cesaro, Lashley ***
WWE RAW 06/10
Just a fun, little throwaway trios spotlight style match. When did Joe win the US Championship? Wait, he was literally handed it? Wow. The finish was a bit scary, but Cesaro is reportedly ok.

5.Air Wolf vs Ace Austin **3/4
MLW Fusion #61
Pretty decent little match, with Air Wolf clearly being set up for a push right now with the win over Fenix a few weeks ago and now this test against the rising star, Ace Austin. While a bit rough around the edges, it still was fun and I look forward to seeing the continued development of Air Wolf.

6.Gable vs Gallagher ***1/2
WWE 205Live 06/12
It's a bit bittersweet to see Gable on 205, but this was a very good technical matchup and I really hope Chad becomes a fixture of the program moving forward as I would love more stuff like this on 205 since it's kind of rare these days outside of a few workers and promotions like CHIKARA. The finish was botched, but this hopefully just means a rematch next week.

7.Tozawa vs Humberto vs Oney vs Gulak ***3/4
WWE 205Live 06/12
205Live killed it this week with two worthwhile contests. It's too bad that WWE doesn't really care much about the show because it tends to be their best weekly program (yes, even over NXT most weeks). This was truly great stuff, though I'm not a fan of the run in and the double pin was a bit cheap.

8.ROW Texas Title: Mantell(c) vs Gino **3/4
Reality of Wrestling #250
Honestly, this was a decent title contest but the circus act finish stuff really needs to stop. Booker T's students can put on a show from time to time, so I always try to check in when I get the chance. Check them out and see if they're your cup of tea.

9.NWA National Title: Colt(c) vs Storm **3/4
ROH TV #403
Colt Cabana versus James Storm for NWA gold on Ring of Honor. Wow, 2019 is strange. This was a decent contest that ended in a time limit draw. They won over some of the fans near the end, though it's hard not to see it as another sign that the people in charge of ROH don't really understand what their fans want.

10.Submission: KUSHIDA vs Gulak ***1/4
NXT 06/12
This was a fun technical match getting KUSHIDA over nicely. Gulak continues to be enjoyable in his WWE appearances.

11.Oney, Burch vs Undisputed Era ***1/2
NXT 06/12
This was a very good match, though the ending sucked a bit and took away from the overall quality. Oney and Burch remain one of the best teams that no one is talking about.

12.Elgin vs Mack ***1/4
IMPACT 06/14
Fun, big man match that kept storylines moving while providing a good main event in general. Elgin in Impact is a success, and I look forward to seeing what's next.

13.Soberano, Atlantis Jr, Valiente vs NGD, Hijo del Villano III ***1/2
CMLL Viernes 06/14
Very good trios action. Baby Atlantis is learning quickly, Soberano is still an elite worker, Valiente stepped up, baby Villano looked good, and the NGD reps were awesome as always. It might largely be a meaningless six-man, but it's still worth checking out.

14.Rush, Cavernario, Negro Casas vs Theory, Caristico, Volador Jr ***
CMLL Viernes 06/14
This is Theory's debut for the company, working as a representative for The CRASH. He did well, with Negro even putting him over in the second and Cavernario in the third. I hope he returns, though I'm expecting very much. For a send-the-fans-home-happy main event, this worked well and really was just good entertainment.

15.SMASH Tag Titles, Scramble: Halal Beefcake(c) vs Fight or Flight vs Special K ***
Nice, spotfest tornado style action. I haven't checked out SMASH for a little while but tend to enjoy their stuff. That's true here. Did you know the dude from LMFAO was a wrestler? Don't feel bad if you didn't laugh.

16.TJP vs Suave ***
This is actually the main reason I checked out SMASH this week, as I like TJP and haven't seen much of him since he left WWE. New tats, same dabs. They got much more time than expected, and TJP cranked out some new moves including a nice Super Dragon shoutout. The brass knuckle finish took away a bit from the quality, but this was actually a good match. I'll check in on SMASH more often.

17.Tyra Fly vs Engel ***
CNL #5
The women's division in CNL is much better than most, and is more hard hitting than many men's matches. They continue to impress me, especially the champion, Engel, who is just a bad motherfucker.

18.Street Fight: Alessandro vs Rocket ***1/2
CNL #5
We end things this week with a very good hardcore battle that used the stip well and featured nice amounts of drama and several enjoyable spots. Don't sleep on CNL!

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