Select Match Reviews: Hot Trios Action

Match from IWRG 03/31
1.Aramis, Imposible, Metaleon vs Eterno, Golden Magic, Dragon Bane ***1/2

If you can't tell, I'm trying to catch up on recent IWRG stuff I've missed lately. I have about five more matches to watch and review over the next little period. It's also worth mentioning that the during the next two weeks I will be going on vacation and then moving to North Dakota. As a result, the blog might become a bit more inactive than usual.

Just a heads up.

Ok, back to the match at hand...

The feeling out period here wasn't as smooth as you'd expect given the names involved, and there were a few miscalculations mixed throughout. That said, this was still a very good trios match and a spectacle showcasing not only some of IWRG's top names but also working well as an example of why you should be giving the company some of your time each month.

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