CHON: Chon Review

Progressive math-rock band, CHON, are back with a self-titled release that really does work well as a definition of what they're all about. This strongly reminds me of an instrumental version of TTNG or even older Tera Melos, and the melody work on display here is fairly high quality.

Mario and Erick's guitar work can make you drift off but look deeper to the bass and drum section and you'll find tight work that gels perfectly while standing apart enough to grab hold of you. There is truly an intricacy here disguised as simplicity that is quite beautiful.

On the other hand, an issue of familiarity does become a problem for the overall release with little to help distinguish the album as anything more than a single, long track. This is really minor, though, as it makes listening to the short LP a full experience similar to staring at a painting for extended periods.

As a result, the songs here work well individually but arguably should be taken in as a whole to get the full picture.

CHON's self-titled third album is a great release that all music lovers should consider checking out.

Rating: ***3/4

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