Select Match Reviews: Hip Hop Lucha

Match from IWRG Torneo FILL 80
1.Copa Higher Power Cibernetico: Gym FILL vs Gym Argentino ***1/2

I saw more ass than expected and I always hate when the wait-for-dive moments are far too long, of which there were many, but this was still a very fun cibernetico. The animosity on display between both schools added nicely and felt more genuine than some of the more recent Copa Higher Power matches, too.

In many ways, this was a superior version of #79, and a very good contest in general despite retaining some of the usual flaws. If you love this type of match consider adding this to your watch list.

Jump two hours ahead in the above video if you decide to check it out.

Participants: √Āngel Del Amor, Canibal Jr., Drag√≥n Fly, Einar El Vikingo, Guerrero Ol√≠mpico, Historico, Marad√≥, Ragnar El Vikingo b Auzter, Black Drag√≥n, Chicanito, Death Metal, Dinamic Black, Puma de Oro, Shadow Boy, Toto

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