WRESTLE-1 TV #114 Thoughts

This week's ep looked at night two and three of the current Outbreak tour, working largely as road shows on the way to the Grand Prix semi-finals and finals. I still have the ace, Ashino, winning and going on to reclaim the top prize.

Other stories worth mentioning include the 6/9 main event building up the next night's tag title match, which saw Kondo and Seigo take the belts from Alejandro and Kono. The former contest actually included a post-match attack creating a target for limb work during the title match. 

It wasn't enough, obviously.

The new champs are a fun pair, and we saw a tease of Pantera and Soya teaming soon so I'd love to see that pan out.

It's worth bringing up that the Pegaso love affair seems to have cooled off (at least for now) as he took the fall two nights in a row.

The last plot I'd bring up is Strong Heart's Yoshioka got a win in a three-way that featured Cruiserweight Champ, Andy Wu, and then again in a random singles match on the 11th. Expect him to get a title shot soon.

The best looking match of the bunch was Tonsho versus Kodama, despite the shit finish.

If you're wanting to catch up on what's going on in W1, check out this week's entertaining episode.

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