SOLS: The Golden Atom Review

Mexico's SOLS infuse post-rock with more classical elements than most of their contemporaries, leading to an interesting atmosphere and tone that helps them stand out from the pack. Most post-rock bands from the bloated heap just mimic the elder gods of the genre, but I give SOLS props for being just different enough.

The Golden Atom is a great listen, and one that makes me want to go read a book by the lake in the morning while playing it again. Good post-rock should always be cinematic, which is certainly a good description here. Imagine a relaxing trip through the wild, with the sun gently baring down. You are unsure where the next turn might take you, but you're ok with that.

That's The Golden Atom; full of beautiful moments and a surprising amount of intricacy. Honestly, my issues here are minor and SOLS should be very proud of this album.

Check this one out and embrace the journey!

Rating: ***3/4

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