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Matches from BJW Ikkitousen: Death Match Survivor Night 12
1.Okabayashi vs Hashimoto ***3/4
2.Death Match Survivor Finals: Isami vs Takeda ****

Big Japan does it again, this time with two matches that perfectly define what makes them so entertaining to watch.

The first pull showcases their elite strong division, with Okabayashi and Hashimoto putting in for a great slow burn. Yuji has been putting on inspiring matches since his return from injury, and I hope people are recognizing it.

The main event was a brutal clash, displaying how Big Japan does the death genre better than basically anyone else. Takeda remains an elite performer, and I love how he has won over fans that tend to shit on death workers. Isami winning the finals is an interesting move, but he more than deserved it after this performance.

If you haven't seen Big Japan before, or even if it's just been a while, these are really good starting points to get (back) into the promotion. Either way, give these a click when you can.

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