PWG Hand of Doom Review

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Matches from PWG Hand of Doom
1.Brody King vs Jungle Boy ***
2.Puma King vs DJZ **3/4
3.Rey Horus, Laredo Kid vs LAX ***
4.Eagles vs Gresham ***3/4
5.PWG Tag Titles: Rascalz(c) vs Best Friends ***1/4
6.Bandido vs ACH ***
7.PWG World Title: Cobb(c) vs Trevor Lee ****

This is actually the first PWG show I've seen since Mystery Vortex V.

That's a sin, isn't it?

So, this show had a lot of fun moments and a few recommendable matches, but a lot of stuff also under delivered. Jungle Boy was impressive, and that is the first full match I've seen of his so that's a good start. Gresham and Robbie was my favorite match of the first half and an easy recommendation. The main event was the other one I suggest adding to your watch list and a fantastic title defense. I'm going to miss Trevor on the indies, though I'm glad he got a nice sendoff here.

The rest can be skipped unless you are a completionist.

While Hand of Doom was a good show, it felt like they coasted more than excelled and it failed to live up to the expectations that a PWG show tends to have.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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