ONE Championship Weekly 05/01/19 Review

1.Muay Thai: Nong-O vs Mehdi **1/4
2.Lee vs Tokudome **3/4

I enjoy watching ONE's weekly series, so I figured I'd give them an extra plug here. No real reason not to and I am trying to watch them regularly again starting here. If you've never watched an episode before, know that they are short installments full of action.

This week we build toward two upcoming ONE specials by looking back at two recent fights.

The first was a clipped, muay thai showcase. Nong-O destroyed Mehdi, but the one-sided nature of this one kept it from being very entertaining. A few fun shots helped a bit, at least, but you can skip that one. This fight was taken from the Kingdom of Heroes event.

Note, for future knowledge, there must be at least three minutes of action shown to earn a rating.

We close with a fight from Heart of the Lion, with Christian Lee getting a TKO on Kazuki in the first round. This one was pretty decent, and once again proved how much of a threat Lee is.

This wasn't must-see in any fashion, but it was far from bad either and it went by super quick. Skip this week but consider watching some back episodes.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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