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Note that this is the 2012 version. I've had a moderate interest in the Valiant line for years, largely due to a few wiki searches after remembering an old game (Shadow Man) and seeing they had a full line of comics. The iffy history aside, a recommendation from ComiXology made me pull the trigger. I am using this outline for reading the Valiant Universe, making X-O Manowar Volume 1 the first stop.

I've got to say, this was a fantastic start. To summarize, without spoiling much for those who might want to make the same journey, the plot takes someone living in the Roman Empire times and launches them into space when he encounters an evil alien race. The whole volume plays out like a sci-fi action film, with top-notch writing and art working together to sell the story perfectly.

I am unsure why X-O Manowar isn't a bigger deal, but I am hooked so far and will be reading more Valiant work soon.

If you skipped out on this, go to ComiXology right now and give it a try.

Rating: ****