Matches from WWE Week of 04/01/19
1.Raw Tag Titles: Revival(c) vs Black,Ricochet ***
2.Samoa Joe vs Ali NR
3.Seven vs Coffey ***1/4

I have arrived at the conclusion that WWE didn't want to give much away this week ahead of TakeOver and Wrestlemania. The only issue is that, from what I've seen and heard, they haven't been giving much for fans to care about lately at all. Like, even less than usual. They really lean heavy on the diehards, don't they?

Anyway, this week I pulled these three matches. 

The Raw contest of the week was actually a good title defense until the shit finish. Skip it, but maybe catch the highlight video if you have a moment. I'm thinking that Raw next week might see a title change.

The Smackdown match this week was too short to rate (I don't rate things under three minutes). It sucks seeing Mustaf...I mean, Ali drop that quick to Joe after being built up so hard. That's the game, though. Joe looked good heading into the weekend, which was the main point.

The last match of the week I checked out was a fairly good battle of warthogs. I know I've heard that the direction of NXT UK is a bit iffy at times but this was easily the best match from WWE this week from what I can tell. That's something, right?

Really, just skip WWE's tv shows this week. I'll be watching TakeOver in full once it hits Hulu and select Wrestlemania matches by the way. Just a heads up.