Select Match Reviews: Modernized Throwback

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Matches from CHIKARA Once Upon a Beginning
1.A-Kid vs Air Wolf ***1/2
2.Grand Title, Ladder: Dasher(c) vs Angelosetti ***3/4

I had to show CHIKARA some love. I mean, I don't watch them as much as I used to but I am still a huge fan and I love that they booked a Mania Week show.

The first pull features two workers that don't get booked often enough in CHIKARA despite being perfect fits for the promotion. They worked hard, giving us a fun hybrid clash.

The main event was a great ladder match, setting up Dasher as the undisputed Grand Champ. Good story work, smart action.

Nothing here will blow you away, but you'll likely enjoy these two either way. Give them a shot.

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