Matches from MDA en Arena Naucalpan 03/17/19
1.Freelance vs Audaz ***1/4
2.Angel de Oro vs Aramis ***
3.Dragon Bane vs Soberano Jr **3/4
4.Laredo Kid vs Imposible ***1/2

Indie lucha tends to be some of the most entertaining wrestling in the world, especially when it comes from Naucalpan.

The first pull here was fairly good, though a bit sloppy at times. I love seeing CMLL talent in these spots, as they get to show off more than they tend to otherwise.

The next match was good, but it fell off the rails a bit after Aramis crashed and burned on a dive. Too bad, because this could have been the MOTN.

The semi was entertaining, but the draw finish sucked all of the air out of things. They were building this up nicely, and a few more minutes and a clean draw is what we should have seen instead. Oh well, maybe a rematch?

The main event was my favorite match of the night, and the sole contest I think is good enough to be recommendable. Laredo has once again been one of the best masked wrestlers in the world this year and Imposible is always a favorite of mine that doesn't get as many chances as he deserves. Check this one out!