Select Match Review: Fall of the Wizard

Match from CMLL Viernes 04/05/2019
1.Lightning: Hechicero vs Felino ***1/4

Lightning matches are typically quick, entertaining contests and having these two in one ensured that I was going to give it a click. Indeed, it went about like I expected and was a fairly good match. If you just want a quick CMLL match to watch tonight, this one should do just fine. Don't rush to watch it or anything, though.

Note that I am still behind on a lot of things, but I have made it to Florida and will be attempting to catch up as I can. G1, Mercury Rising, and the MLW special are top priorities. Oh, and the last night of 16 Carat Gold.

Things should settle down more within a week at most.

I'll also be updating the "best of" section asap.

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