Night Dagger Chapter Two

The Prestige.

That's the name of the group of "heroes" that are entrusted to protect Cyr.

Marlenias, an elf, is the leader. He goes by the nickname, Emerald Ranger. Trained by the best in the land, Marlenias takes down all who challenge him with his bow skills. Rumor has it he hasn't missed his target since he passed training years ago.

Lorian, human, is known best as The Silver Wizard. She is the brains of the operation, though not considered the true leader since having a women in charge would be seen as a sign of weakness from many in the lands. Sadly, such despicable thoughts are more commonplace in Cyr than they should be.

Lastly, is Ofraim. This dwarf fights crime as The Red Fighter. What he lacks in smarts he makes up for in brawn. If you are an enemy of Ofraim's, your best chance is to run and hide or buy him a pint of ale and hope he forgives you.

As cheesy as their nicknames might be, they do pretty decent work. Last month, The Prestige took down Necro, a sinister necromancer, before he could take out Capital City.

Typically, they seem to defeat some major evil every season. Most here in Cyr look up to the group as a beacon of hope.

The problem is, they are in the pocket of the King. As such, they are guided by his requests and their aid is rarely seen outside of the major cities.

Asking for their assistance is pointless.

Vengeance must be done by my hands alone.

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