MCU Phase Four Primer

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The Infinity Saga is about to be over with the upcoming release of Far From Home, so, what's next for the MCU as we head into Phase 4? Let's take a look at what's been announced, what to expect, and even what not to expect by starting with the current stars of the universe. Oh, and expect spoilers!

The team lost some big names during Endgame, but remains stacked. This is the main crew now:
-Captain Marvel
-Professor Hulk
-Black Panther
-Doctor Strange
-War Machine
-Ant-Man & The Wasp
-The Guardians of the Galaxy
-Falcon/Captain America
-Winter Soldier
-Scarlet Witch

So far, we know a decent amount of what is planned for the big screen side of the MCU. Filming for a Black Widow solo flick is expected to begin this Summer and around the time Black Widow wraps up, an Eternals movie is expected to be shot. In 2020, we should see filming begin for sequels to Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. We also know that Marvel has fast-tracked a movie based on Shang-Chi, which would be the first Asian-led film in the MCU, and that there has been interest in bringing in Blade to the universe. We will likely see new Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Ant-Man movies during this span, as well as at least one Avengers release.

And what about the new Captain America? We're to believe Sam doesn't get anything outside of a series with Winter Soldier and a spot in the Avengers film?

That's a lot to digest.

If all of these are released, that is already 12 possible new additions.

Now, looking at the list of heroes above, we still have a few missing. We know Thor is going to be in Guardians 3. What about Hulk? He had a big part in the last Thor film, but will he continue to take a back seat of finally get another shot at a solo release? Will War Machine and Rescue get a Disney+ series or are they largely done?

Then, you obviously have the new toys that Disney just picked up when they finished the Fox deal. Reports suggest that we shouldn't expect to see the X-Men or Fantastic Four during this phase, since most of it is apparently mapped out already. That might be true, as each phase is just 2-3 years. I don't expect to see much of the actors return to these roles when they do appear. Most of them will probably be rebooted completely, outside of Deadpool.

So, how should they include these new assets?

Deadpool should make a cameo in at least one of the above movies, as well as receiving another solo release. That would make 13 releases during this phase and that's where it should end. Past phases have never come close to this many films, but this is a new era.

How they decide to include him is up in the air, but there are a few easy ways to add the merc with a mouth to the MCU. Since the character is all about breaking the fourth wall, have a third film show him jump into a portal that leads to the MCU. That's the easiest way. No need to over complicate it. And, if they want to kill off the Fox actors X-Men just have Deadpool take them all out. That'd be a fun movie.

And, if they are going to reboot the mutants and first family, I'd actually prefer a tv series for the record.

The last huge thing to note is the question of what large saga will we see next? The Infinity Saga consumed the first three phases, so maybe it's Secret Wars time?

Oh, and props to the Russo brothers for admitting the issues that Endgame's Captain America ending created. We'll have to wait and see how they fix those.

We do know that Agents of SHIELD on ABC, Runaways on Hulu, and Cloak & Dagger on Freeform will continue. We also know that Disney+ will be getting some premium shows including Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision, Loki, a series revolving around Hawkeye, and a What If show.

New Warriors, Most Wanted, and Damage Control are all being shopped around in some fashion.

It also seems that the Netflix shows might be revived in some form, but not for a while. If they do, it'd likely be during the next phase.

So, in short...the next few years should be loaded with content!

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