Select Match Reviews: Brawl of the Lucha Titans

Matches from G21 04/16/2019
1.Los Indystrongtibles vs Metaleon, Kastigador, Murcielago Plateado Jr ***1/2
2.Bandido vs Vengador vs Homicida ***
3.Hijo Park, Park Jr vs Galeno del Mal, Hijo del Wagner Jr ***1/4
4.Park vs Wagner Jr vs Blue Demon Jr **3/4

Skip to about an 80 minutes in to catch these.

The trios match was a fun, creative outing like I expected it'd be. Am exciting spotfest and a really good match in general. I'd love a rematch asap. Borderline great.

The three-way started as a singles match. The change got noticeable heat. Homicida being included was an unneeded move, but this was still a good match. A true one on one would be heavily preferred next time, though. Bandido went from being a standout to being a true star, and it's been nice seeing it happen.

The Park kids and the Wagner family are at it again next. A few months ago they had a decent match. It showed a lot of potential, leaving me thinking we'd see a huge match between the two teams in either AAA or CMLL in a few years. Most likely AAA, by the way. But, maybe I am wrong and they never get the feud past IWRG level shows. We'll see. I can say that here, they stepped up and easily surpassed that Fusion match. They still have a way to go, but this was a good sign and re-cemented my stance. Note, for those planning to watching it, that it's contested under three fall lucha rules.

The main event was what I expected it would be. If you come in guessing you'll see a lot of brawling and some iffy stuff near the end, you'll have fun. Nothing special, but it had some entertaining stuff mixed in.

Shows like these are always entertaining. If you just want the have time for one thing, make it the trios match.

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