AAA Worldwide: Rey de Reyes Pt.1 Review

1.Reina de Reinas Title: Shani(c) vs Hiedra vs Keyra vs Tormenta ***
2.Cage: Psycho, Fresas Salvajes vs Kross, Mascara, Jarrett **1/4
3.AAA Tag Titles: Mercenarios(c) vs Lucha Bros ***
4.AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Young Bucks ***1/4

The first part of this year's Worldwide presentation of the Rey de Reyes special was a decent hour of wrestling. The women's match was a bit sloppy, but if full of entertaining chaos. They went full on with the hardcore spots after a few minutes and didn't let up. Good, but lacking a bit to keep it from being truly recommendable.

The cage match was on par for lucha cage matches. You really have to care about one of AAA's midcard stories to find this one worthwhile, and even Psycho couldn't turn it into much of anything, though the end stretch was a bit better than the bland first half. In all, it was still just an average match that ran a bit too long. Skip that one.

The Lucha Bros and Mercenarios match was good, but the time shaved off made it feel a bit incomplete. After Pentagon and Fenix won, Konnan confronted them about joining him. This led to the Bucks debuting for AAA, superkicking Konnan, and then an impromptu title match starting. The match was good, too, but it was still a quick sprint meant to be more about the angle than the quality of the match itself.

This episode did huge numbers on TV in Mexico, surpassing WWE easily for the week. The AEW section is important, and honestly I think this would work as a good intro episode for newcomers. You'll get a pretty well rounded taste of what AAA has to offer. So, if you are excited about AEW, enjoyed WWF's attitude era, or just are intrigued, go give this episode a click.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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