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Son of Batman Review

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The third film in the DCAMU (or second if you don't count Flashpoint) is Son of Batman. I was worried heading into this one due to the hate I frequently see for Damian. Perhaps the comic run was disappointing, but I really enjoyed the character. Is he a bit of a dick (pun intended)? Yea, but it makes sense and the plot was enjoyable.

Deathstroke's character was a standout, too. I found this adaptation to be pretty well done, and really the whole film surpassed expectations. The fantastic fight scenes in particular were a highlight. One of the few knocks I have about this film was that scenes with Talia came off poorly, but she isn't on screen enough to make it a deal breaker.

Really, I thought this was a great addition to the DCAMU and something you should watch when you get a chance.

Next up is Throne of Atlantis.

Rating: ***3/4