Select Match Reviews: Ungovernable Moments

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Matches from NJPW New Japan Cup Semifinals
1.Okada vs Ishii ****
2.Tanahashi vs SANADA ***3/4

I spent the first part of my birthday this morning catching these. Good way to start the day.

Okada and Ishii killed it in a fantastic, slow building clash. The callbacks and counter work mixed with a heavy dose of calculated violence makes this one a must-see.

The main event was a nice surprise. That's not something New Japan does very often, but I was certainly surprised to see SANADA pull off the upset. This tournament felt a bit like his coming out party. The fans even supported him heavier from the offset. Great match and another worth checking out.

I likely won't be watching the final until tomorrow, but know if you missed these two that you should go check them out.

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