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OTT Homecoming 2 (February 17, 2019)
Matches from OTT Homecoming 2
1.Devlin vs Starr ****1/2
2.Ilja vs Shigehiro ***1/2
3.PAC vs WALTER ***3/4

OTT is one of the current pillars of European wrestling, constantly giving fans something to drool over. This time, it looks like they've given us three gifts. Let's dig in.

Up first, we have a show opener that felt like a main event. The crowd was hot, the action was top notch, and both men showed up big making this a MOTYC. Devlin has been excellent lately, and Starr remains wildly underrated. Go out of your way to watch that one.

In the two spot, we get WWE's new European signing taking on one of the best workers that often goes overlooked. While they didn't hit the levels set by the opener, that was such a high bar that there is no real shame to be had. This was just a fun contest.

To close things out, we have a great contest from WALTER and PAC. I'm surprised WWE even allowed this to happen, though the shit finish made sense as a result. Early on, PAC had a nasty injury that I won't spoil here for those who've yet to enjoy this one. Just know that it was pretty sick. Great match. If Devlin/Starr was a war, this was at least a fierce battle.

Devlin looking to take back the OTT strap should make for something awesome, too.

Truly, OTT has done it again. Make time to check some of these out if you missed them.

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