Select Match Reviews: Breaking Hearts (and Busting Balls)

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Matches from Wrestle-1 W-Impact Tour 02/13/19
1.Cruiser Fes: Andy Wu vs Yoshioka ***1/2
2.Cruiser Fes: Kaz vs El Lindaman ***1/2
3.Elimination: Strong Hearts,Shaoshi vs Jiro,Kondo,Seigo,Tondokoro ***3/4

Wrestle-1 has been one of my favorite promotions for about a year now, so I try to catch noteworthy stuff that they release. The T-Hawk versus Ashino match actually sits rather high on my current MOTYC list so this was an easy pull considering that it features the Strong Hearts in all three as well as some of the W1's top workers.

We start with two matches in the Cruiser Fes Tournament.

First, rivals Andy Wu and Yoshioka had a really fun encounter, and the styles clash driver finished that Seiki used to finish his masked enemy was sweet. When he perfects that move, it's going to be one of the most must-see finishers in the business.

Second, and the last Cruiser Fes match of the night, saw El Lindaman get the better of Hayashi. It was also pretty good. Honestly, if not for the finish, this could have been even better.

We end things with an eight-man elimination tag clash.

The idea here is that the Strong Hearts have gotten the upper hand on W1 since invading more often than not, and the battle lines were drawn here to try to knock them down a peg. Ikemen standing tall was a fun sight at the end.

Great contest, but a stronger finish would have been nice but it worked for what it was. You can't have Jiro go over the leader of Strong Hearts and the Wrestle-1 Champ too strongly. It worked nicely to set up an upcoming title shot, too.

All three of these were enjoyable but, at the very least, consider adding the main event to your watch list.

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