Martinez Entertainment: Love N' Hate Review

1. Local Talent Cup ***
2. Zeuxis vs Chik Tormenta *3/4
3.Guevara vs Aeroboy vs Iguana vs Haruyuki ***1/4
4.Elgin vs Taurus ***1/2
5.Martinez Tag Titles: Gringo Loco,Laredo Kid vs Garza Jr,Mecha World vs Arez,Low Rider vs Epydemius,Silver Tiger ***1/2
6.Lucha Bros vs Rush,Dragon Lee ***3/4

This is a show I almost went to, but my kiddo was under the weather so I missed out. Luckily, +Lucha recorded the event and uploaded it to their amazing YouTube channel.

The open was a fun cluckerfuck. There was some roughness, but it mostly worked.

The two spot was disappointing to say the least. Zeuxis' run after leaving CMLL in general has been pretty subpar for some reason. Skip this one.

The fourway was fairly good. Sammy hiding behind, and then wearing for a short span, a custom Universal belt was funny. Aeroboy was great as usual. I've never seen Haruyuki before, if memory serves, but he has a lot of potential.

Next up, we had a battle of big men that went really well. Both are known for doing things men that size shouldn't be able to do, and I give Martinez a lot of credit for booking this one. Money was thrown in after and the crowd seemed to enjoy it even more than I did.

The quality stuck around for a spotfest title match semi. Everyone worked hard and made this a fun contest. This is actually one of Garza Jr's last matches before he joins WWE.

The main event was great, with both sets of brothers refusing to take the night easy. Easily my match of the night, and I am dying for another one. If you only watch one thing from this show, make it this one.

This show went down smooth and is one of my favorite lucha libre themed events of the year so far. Give +Lucha and Martinez some love and give this one a watch.

Overall rating: 75/100%

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