Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Review

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Continuing my reviews of the DCAMU films, we've arrived at the sequel to War and an origin story film for Aquaman.

The first half of Throne sets up nicely, though the closing half doesn't live up to the hype. The characters are at least interesting, the animation is still great, and the fight scenes tend to be entertaining. I just wish that the climax had been handled a bit better as this kind of built up nicely before ending with a wet thud. At least the ride until that point was enjoyable.

I'd like to note a fun cameo from Steel took place, and also mention that the post-credit scene so far seemingly has no payoff despite several films being released in the same universe after this one.

Throne of Atlantis is a good movie, despite some flaws, but is the certainly weaker than the DCAMU films that preceded it. Check it out if you are working through the entire film universe, but don't feel too badly if you skip it.

Rating: ***

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