Matches from CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas
1.Vangellys,Polvora,Hijo de Villano III vs Audaz,Excelencia Tapatia **3/4
2.Microman,Gallito,Atomo vs Chamuel,Mije,Zacarias **3/4
3.Hijos del Infierno,Templario vs Soberano,Diamante Azul,Titan ***1/4
4.NGD vs Peste Negra,El Mesias ***1/4
5.CMLL World Trios Titles: Guerreros Laguneros(c) vs Volador,Dragon Lee,Caristico ***3/4
6.Apuesta: Familia Chavez vs Ingobernables *1/4

CMLL put on their second biggest show of the year last Friday, and it went about as expected.

The first match was a pretty decent opener, but it never really became anything special. That's ok, at least it was better than most CMLL openers.

The second was the micro division six-man. It was entertaining, as always, but a bit messier than usual and certainly not as good as their other outings. If you've never seen these guys, go ahead and check it out, though.

The first legit good contest was the third spot trios match, which was basically a sprint version of a better match. Still, for a two fall CMLL contest this was nice and in all it was fairly good.

Next was Negro Casas' return, with him looking better than expected given the circumstances. I found this one to be fairly good, too. Some issues held it back a bit, but it was nice for what it was.

The title match of the show was the match of the night. If you are new to CMLL, watch this as an entry point since it is a good showcase of what CMLL aims for most of the time. It might have been a bit better if Penta and Fenix hadn't been pulled but this was still great. Check that one out for sure.

The main was bad. The best option would have been to have Bestia barely involved, but he was a big part of the action and it certainly hurt the quality. Terrible hurt his shoulder near the end and what little pace and build there was went down the drain. Skip that one, but props to Angel and Niebla for trying.

If you have time for only one thing, make it the title match. Oh, and LA Park and his son are working tonight's show if you're interested.

Overall Rating: 65/100%