Select Match Reviews: Through the Fog

Match from CMLL Viernes 02/08/2019
1.Universal Tournament Block B Finals:Ultimo Guerrero vs Niebla Roja ***1/4

One of the biggest surprises so far this year was the outcome to this match right here. For those who don't follow CMLL often, the Universal Tournament sees (nearly) every champion in the company face off to decide who is the best of the best. As previously announced in an early blog entry, Niebla Roja was given the nod in the B bracket of this year's tournament over the legendary, Ultimo Guerrero.

This match was a fun sprint, and a nice showing for both men who stepped up enough to make the finish feel like the big win that it was. I look forward to the finals even more now.
Niebla Roja will face Terrible, the surprise winner of the A bracket, later this week to determine this year's Universal Champion. You can watch the show on the CMLL YouTube channel

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