Select Match Reviews: The Hero We All Need

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Matches from DDT Judgement
1.T-Hawk vs Akito ***1/4
2.KO-D Tag Titles:Moonlight Express(c) vs Shuten Dojo vs Strong Hearts ***1/2
3.KO-D Openweight Title: Daisuke(c) vs Takeshita ****

DDT has already gotten me to watch more of its' material this year than all of last. Props to them for that.

Up first, from their recent big show, included Wrestle-1 Champion, T-Hawk taking on ALL OUT's Akito. Fairly good contest, with decent leg work from the latter. The closing stretch helped end things on a nice note, and the right person won. I'm hoping that T-Hawk is one of the names CIMA brings with him to AEW for the Double or Nothing encounter with SCU.

Our second pull saw MAO and Mike Bailey (Moonlight Express) defending their belts against Takanashi and Yukio as well as CIMA and Seiki. Stacked match, loaded with talent. I am a hug Strong Hearts fan, but I am very happy to see Moonlight win. As a team, they are one of my new favorites. This was a pretty good three-way tag.

We close with the ace of DDT getting a chance at reclaiming the top belt of the company. With all due respect to Daisuke, when you have James Harden available you don't have him sit on the bench more than you have to just to play Derrick Rose. It was time to put the strap back on Takeshita, and they did exactly that. Both put in for a fantastic contest, with the champ playing the heel role well setting up the comeback spots nicely. The cheap ref bumps hurt the overall quality, but they more than made up for it. I am eager to see the next move they have planned for Konosuke, and hope that this is a nice, long run.

If you think DDT is all insane comedy stuff, you've been missing out on some legit great content. These three were all enjoyable and worth your consideration.

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