Select Match Reviews: From Four 2 One

Match from 205Live 02/05/2019
1.Number One Contender,Elimination:Alexander vs Akira vs Humberto vs Rush ***1/2

If not for TakeOver events, I'd actually call 205Live the best thing going in WWE. It has been a few weeks since I have caught the show, but I had to check this one out.

With Buddy as champ, they needed to find a new challenger. Of the pool, Akira looked like the best choice right now and I am glad they went that route. It is worth noting that I think they need to add another name or two to the roster to freshen things up. Either way, the former Ultimo Ninja is at least a good start.

This lived up nicely to my expectations, and is worth checking out. Cedric's misstep was one of the sole issues here, and everyone worked hard to put on a show. Pretty good stuff. If you're like me and dislike the idea of subscribing to the WWE Network, know that you can actually watch 205Live (and NXT for too) on Hulu. Just a suggestion.

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