Select Match Reviews: Excitement in Japan

AJPW Excite Series (February 24) Results & Review
Matches from All Japan Excite Series Night Ten
1.Junior Battle of Glory Finals: Iwamoto vs Yoshioka ***1/2
2.AJPW World Tag Titles: Strong BJ(c) vs Sweeper ***1/2
3.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Suwama ****1/4

All Japan has a good habit of giving us some really great content, typically once a month or so. Here, we have three pulls worth your time.

To start, we have the All Japan Junior Champion, Iwamoto, facing Yoshioka. It was a pretty good outing, and the champ winning cements him firmly as the top dog of the division. It'd be nice if this leads to the Strong Hearts fully coming in to All Japan soon.

We follow this up with the latest Strong BJ defense, this time against Jake Lee and Sai. It's nice having Okabayashi back. Both teams put in for a pretty good defense, but not one that hit the levels I had expected.

To close, we have the ace of All Japan taking on the great Suwama. It didn't hit MOTYC levels, but was a fantastic contest either way. I have always loved Suwama's work, and he really made the champ look amazing here (not that Kento doesn't do that all on his own).

Nomura challenged Kento after. That should be fun.

In all, these were very entertaining and should be considered for your watch lists. If nothing else, check out the latest Triple Crown defense.

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