Red's Year End Awards 2018 Part Four-Worst Major Show

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5.IWRG Caravana de Campeones
4.WCWC Survival Games
3.M-Pro Tokyo Conference Vol.1
2.WWE Backlash
1.WWE Crown Jewel
-A few years ago, I watched WWE all the time. More recently, I got to where I was just watching ppvs, NXT, and select matches from Raw and Smackdown. Now, the only main roster stuff I tend to watch is matches that are highly recommended to me. There is just so much content that fat needs to be cut as needed. The only main roster show I watched this year was Backlash, which was pretty bad. That said, Crown Jewel will forever be a black mark on WWE, got main stream coverage for the terrible choices involved, and was truly the only show that deserved this "award".

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