Red's Year End Awards 2018 Part Five-Best Female Wrestler

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5.Nanae Takahashi
4.Tessa Blanchard
3.Meiko Satomura
2.Toni Storm
1.Becky Lynch
-There are so many amazing names I had to leave off of this one, and the choice for number one was so hard that some of my original ideas for the spot didn't even end up making the top five at all (such as Faby Apache). The fact is, Becky Lynch had the entire wrestling world talking nonstop after the Survivor Series build up spot, has been entertaining as hell on twitter, and looks like she might be one half of the first ever Wrestlemania main event to feature a women's contest. I don't watch main roster WWE very often at all, but her stuff seems to get recommended to me a lot and she has always entertained since her NXT days.

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