New Japan Cup Bracket Revealed

Above is the bracket for the huge, 32 man New Japan Cup tournament which will run from March 8th until the 24th. The first round is stacked with fantastic contests, and will include the New Japan return of former NXT and NOAH standout, Mikey Nicholls as he joins CHAOS.

-Nagata vs Ishii
-Honma vs Taichi
-Manabu vs Yoshi-Hashi
-Juice vs Chase
-Okada vs Elgin
-Nicholls vs Hikuleo
-Ospreay vs Fale
-Archer vs Henare
-Tanahashi vs Shota
-Tenzan vs Finlay
-Kota vs Naito
-EVIL vs Sabre
-Togi vs Cabana
-Yano vs Davey Boy
-Kojima vs Suzuki
-Goto vs SANADA

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