MLW FUSION Episode 46 Review

1.Swann vs Anoa'i **1/4
2.Warner vs Yuta **1/2
3.Aerostar vs Rey Horus **3/4

This whole set of episodes from the ECW Arena have been so disappointing that I almost wanted to stop watching weekly and just make the show a Select Match style review series going forward. I will say that if the next set isn't a major improvement, I might do just that. But first, let's see how this week turned out.

We start with the next contest building Swann's turn. They worked a well enough contest, but it never felt like much of anything and came off more like filler.

Next up we see the debut of Warner against the underrated Yuta. I miss the guy in CHIKARA. Sadly, this felt disjointed and didn't do a lot for me. I'm glad Yuta wasn't fed to the newcomer, but that's about the only thing I enjoyed here.

The main event was decent enough, but nothing you need to run and see. Basically, the two worked on autopilot and gave a house show style lucha match.

Contra teases happened a lot throughout the episode. I'm assuming it's a new faction.

Go ahead and skip this one. At least next week's episode looks promising plus the looming partnership expectations help keep things interesting.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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