1.DJZ vs Myron Reed **1/2
2.Puma King vs Gringo Loco **
3.No DQ:Hart Foundation vs ECW Originals **1/4

Last week's special episode was a major disappointment, failing completely to live up the its own hype despite the title changes and MLW needs to step up big as we build toward Intimidation Games.
The first match kicked the show off on a decent note, and I like the idea of them toying around with a heel Reed, but it was far from what they were capable of.

The weekly Hart Foundation segment was...interesting as usual.

I was hoping that the midcard match would be good, as I really like Puma and consider Gringo to be
a good had, but it never really turned into anything past a random exhibition.

MJF cut a good promo, as usual. Decent worker, great talker similar to Eli Drake or The Miz, actually.

We close our in-ring section with the next chapter in Pillman/Dreamer's rivalry, promoted as a mystery partner tag. Everyone expected an ECW alumni to team with Tommy, but just picking a Hart Foundation member to tag with Brian seems like a waste. Especially when they picked Smith. The plus side is that is could be seen as suggesting that no one else would team with him. The match was about what I expected quality-wise. The high point was Sandman's entrance, but the entire thing was really meant as a crowd pleasing contest for the fans here anyway.

Sandman's input from the apron was something else. Also, hey look! A Meanie appearance.

As I kept telling people, we close the show with the Lucha Bros announcing that they aren't done in MLW. The brothers are under LU contract and all of these appearances are actually non-exclusive right now. They will remain in Impact, MLW, CMLL, AAA, and everywhere else while working AEW until LU officially clears them and possibly after. MLW blurs the lines often, but after the recent loses, even teasing that Penta and Fenix were leaving was questionable but it is what it is.

So far, we have two week's worth of skippable content. Go watch ROH instead this time.

Overall Rating: 55/100%