Top 5 Dead Wrestling Promotions

Nothing is forever, and even Rome met their end despite their brilliance and power. As such, there have been multiple wrestling promotions that have went the way of the Romans over the years but there are five in particular that still leave a bit of a sting.

5. All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
Zenjo lived for nearly 30 years before they went under, but like 80's/90's AJPW, they've maintained a strong place in the hearts of all who have been blessed enough to see some of the gems that came out from the company behind the star power of names like Bull Nakano, Devil Masami, the Crush Gals, Jaguar Yokota, Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, and more. Today, STARDOM, TJP, SENDAI, and numerous other joshi groups might be pumping out some great stuff, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love a revival of this old fed!

4.Lucha Underground
I haven't even been able to bring myself to finish the last season yet, simply because I loved this show so much. I used to pace myself out a bit, finishing seasons only right before a new one came out so who knows when I'll finish at this point. An amazing roster and great writers worked together, not without some controversy of course, and they made not only a great wrestling show but also a great television series in general. RIP Lucha Underground.

3.World Championship Wrestling
WCW might have turned sour near the end, but a small part of me will always wonder what would have happened if Nitro had won the wars and things had gone just a bit differently. There was a lot of bullshit behind the scenes and on their content, but there's no denying that, for a while there, WCW was the hottest thing in wrestling.

2.Extreme Championship Wrestling
Paul changed the game with ECW. Enough documentaries have been made at this point showing every nook and cranny of the history of the company (many of which were worth seeing) that it's hard to say much more at this point. I'll just say that the company was revolutionary to the game, triggering changes that are still felt today, and the chants will last forever!

1.Dragon Gate USA
DGUSA wasn't a sustainable concept, sadly, eventually being absolved into EVOLVE by Gabe. The good news is that DGUSA's short run ended up delivering several top shelf matches and feuds while introducing Dragon Gate roster members to US audiences. There was a powerful vision on display here, especially on the earlier events, and I still personally consider the company to be an all-time great!