Select Match Reviews: Recent All Japan Roundup

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Match from Summer Explosion Series
1.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Nomura ****1/2
Match from Royal Road Tournament
2.Royal Road Finals: Kento vs Jake Lee ****1/4
Match from Raising an Army Memorial Series
3.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Jake Lee ****1/4

Kento Miyahara is easily one of the top five overall, active wrestlers in the world. Look no further than this roundup for further proof. Each of these was truly fantastic, with a MOTYC and two borderline MOTY contenders, and each featured that cinematic style that special All Japan matches tend to showcase which just makes them feel important. Truly, I know for many that AJPW slips under the radar but it's a major mistake that I hope this blog at least helps fix for a few fans. Kento, in particular, is worth seeing and I urge you to check each of these out!

The future is bright!