Match from CMLL Puebla Oct 14th
1.CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title: Niebla Roja(c) vs Gran Guerrero ***1/2

Jump about an hour and forty-two minutes in for this one.

It's funny, but loosing your mask is supposed to ruin your career (not really true most of the time for the record) but Niebla Roja has been 1000x better since unmasking and in the right situation the dude shines.

For all of the issues CMLL has going on behind the scenes right now, they still have a lot of quality talent on the roster and here two of their best worked hard to make for a memorable title defense. That's especially surprising since Puebla shows tend to suck.

This was very good, with the right amount of drama and action mixed in making it worth checking out if you skipped out.