Wrestling TV Roundup: August 2019 (Week 4)

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Week of 08/25-08/31
The novelty of the 24/7 belt wore off fast for me, with only a minor amount of time that I even bothered watching the YouTube clips. I get it but it's just not what I care to spend time watching. Just a heads up for anyone wondering why I stopped...

1.Aramis, La Parkita, Vanilla vs Keyra, Low Rider, Mini Psycho Clown ***1/2
AAA Worldwide
Pure, spotfest fun here with a touch of story work with Keyra and Vanilla trying to murder each other added in. Aramis was awesome as always, too. Very good stuff.

2.Jinetes del Aire vs Chik Tormenta, Eterno, Parka Negra ***1/2
AAA Worldwide
Another very enjoyable spotfest from AAA on this episode. Jinetes are one of the best trios in the world (though it's worth noting that Golden Magic is replacing Laredo in the group now) and when they were actually booked together it was awesome. Their opponents are all underrated and really everyone got a chance to show off a little. Vikingo was the star, as usual.

3.Cibernetico: Mexico vs Rest of the World ***
CMLL Puebla
I'm a sucker for a good cibernetico, and this teaser for the Grand Prix was indeed good. I wouldn't call it required viewing, but they did enough to keep me happy for the most of the run-time and Caristico getting the win and honoring his father was a pretty cool booking call. There just wasn't enough here, though, to make it must-see.

4.#1 Contender: Humberto vs Oney ***1/2
WWE 205Live
Ultimo Ninja becoming a major player on a WWE brand is a strange sight but here we are anyway. With the victory, the focus moves on from Oney to Humberto which has a solid story behind it. This was very good stuff but I do hope that Gulak's reign continues past this series.

5.Dijakovic vs Keith Lee ***1/2
Another very good battle between these two. I think one of the best things about NXT moving to 2 hours is that guys like them will get more chances to show off. That avalanche spanish fly was awesome.

6.NXT Tag Titles: Street Profits(c) vs Undisputed Era ***1/4
This was enjoyable but not at the level I expected. On the bright side, UE now hold all of the men's belts except for the North American strap and Strong is positioned well in that division.

7.Grand Prix Cibernetico: Mexico vs Rest of the World ***1/2
CMLL Viernes
Very good stuff but I admittedly did expect a bit more here. They did well to keep things moving and there were actually some ROH storylines used here, too. The bonus is that if Volador turns back rudo than we all win.