Select Match Reviews: The Colonel and Axl Walk into a Bar...

1.Heaven Summit Finals: Isami Kodaka vs Minory Fujita ***1/4

Everyone should be required to own a shirt that says, "Peace and Fuck" in their closet. The law should mandate that it be worn at least once a week out in public. That's how you fix the world's problems in one move.

Enough of that.

BASARA is a fun promotion ran by the DDT crew and, though I don't watch them often, I do tend to enjoy what I see. It's also worth noting that most of what I see from them seems to involve Isami in some form. He's a decent worker, so that's actually fine.

The match here was good, though it never really broke out into anything truly worth recommending for me. There were glimpses here and there and I still enjoyed it well enough, but it's hard to call it must see. Skip this one, but know that both talents and the brand are typically better than this (at least in my limited experience).

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