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1.YAMATO, BxB, Sugawara, Magnitude vs Yoshino, Doi, Saito, Mori ***1/4

This year, the 20th anniversary of Dragon Gate, the company has been holding several memorial matches, celebrating the major accomplishment. This week's episode of Cutting Edge features one of those, including former Dream Gate Champ, Sugawara, who hasn't worked for the company in many years, and Mori, who simply hasn't worked a match in many years. Magnitude is basically in the same boat as Sugawara.

The atomico was fairly good, though a tad rough around the edges at times. Yoshino, Doi, YAMATO, and even BxB worked hard to keep it enjoyable, but I can only recommend this one if you are a long-time fan of Dragon Gate and want to see it out of novelty.

Skip this one, but know it was far from bad and this really was still an all-together good episode of Cutting Edge.

Overall Rating: 70/100%