Wrestling TV Roundup: June 2019 (Week 3) +BTE, More...

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WEEK OF 06/16-06/22
I'm keeping this one short this week due to the vacation/move, just listing the match, a link, and the rating and not adding specific match notes. Check out anything rated ***1/2 and above, and note that I'm including thoughts on BTE and Wrestle-1 here this time around to save time. I might continue that trend of including those types of programs going forward.

1.Jinetes del Aire, Flamita vs Poder del Norte ***1/2
AAA Worldwide: Conquista Total en Hermosillo
This was very fun, though once again frustrating seeing AAA refuse to book the entire trio together. Outside of that, the match itself only really had two minor flaws and was otherwise a hard worked contest full of fun spots and a couple of nice, false finishes. Watch this one.

2.Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins **3/4
Raw 06/17
This was ok, but really the whole circus act stuff took away much of the momentum and steam here. 

3.Flamita vs Rey Horus ***1/4
MLW Fusion #62
Anytime lucha libre gets American TV time, I'm at least a little happy. Seeing as two of the best names in the genre were given a lot of time to showcase the style, I'm even more excited. Fairly good match. I hope they have a rematch soon, and applaud MLW for booking this.

4.Loser Leaves MLW, Falls Count Anywhere: Warner vs Callihan ***1/2
MLW Fusion #62
Smart booking and fun hardcore brawl action. It was the spectacle I expected and pretty entertaining stuff. Check this one out.

5.2/3 Falls: Kofi, Rollins vs KO, Sami **3/4
Smackdown 06/18
Enjoyable enough tag contest, though they did make Owens and Zayn look pretty unimportant here. The champs looked strong at least. Add five or ten more minutes and adjust the layout a bit and this could have been great.

6.Undisputed Era vs Dream, Riddle, Breeze ***1/4
NXT 06/19
Fairly good six-man, showcasing everyone nicely enough while including decent story progression. The energy worked well, too.

7.Cobb vs PCO vs Lethal vs Rush **3/4
ROH TV #404
Nearly everything good about Ring of Honor was in the ring for this one, so that gave me very high hopes that this would be well worth checking out. Instead, it turned out to be a decent match but also a perfect representation of what's wrong with the promotion these days. I get needing a protected finish in a match with these four, but they booked it so that blame still rests on them. Outside of the shit finish, the match didn't even get out of the entertaining, but reserved comfort zone. Largely enjoyable, but far from what it should have been just like most of ROH right now.

8.Swann vs Impact vs Elgin ***
Impact 06/21
Good sprint with a surprising victor. Impact continues to provide quality entertainment with one of the better rosters in the game.

9.Hechicher, Kawato, Templario vs Audaz, Flyer, Soberano Jr ***3/4
CMLL Viernes 06/23
Great, meaningless trios match where everyone stepped up and the hits kept coming non-stop. This is my TV MOTW and an easy recommendation.

10.CNL National Title: Engranaje Jack(c) vs Mascarita Fugaz **
CNL #6
Rocky throughout with neither truly coming off looking great. The biggest mistep I've seen since I started catching this show with just enough going on for me to give it an average at best rating.

Being the Elite #157
The Bucks head to AAA, do coke and drop the tag belts to the Lucha Bros, Omega plays games, CD talks with a pug, Taya and Kiss chat, Sammy is still being a dick, and LAREDO KID is announced for Fyter Fest.

In all, another entertaining episode of BTE.

Road to Fyter Fest #3
137k wanted to go to All Out! Wow. They officially announced plans for the women's strap and CD built up the CIMA match. Private Party's section here was very well done, and I love the Amazing Red shoutout. This made me further regret the fact that I won't be able to watch Fyter Fest live.

WRESTLE-1 #115
We are nearing the Grand Prix finals, and this episode spent much of the run-time breaking down the card for that show and the rest with intimate sit downs. If you mainly watch this show for the sake of catching up you might want to skip it, but if you're excited about the finals and want extra build, this is for you.

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