MLW Fury Road Review

1.Gringo Loco vs Myron Reed **3/4
2.MLW National Title: Hammerstone vs Pillman Jr **3/4
3.MLW Middleweight Title: Hart(c) vs Havoc ***

This was a perfectly fine show, though nothing I'd actually call required viewing. The opener was fun, but a bit off-kilter. The match to fill the new title was about the same and the finish came off a bit flat. The best match of the night was the main event, which was a good hardcore contest at least. Really, everything was about the same quality level. No standouts, but nothing bad.

Why they need a new championship at all is pretty questionable, but whatever.

The segments were also decent, with one having CONTRA come off as Diet ISIS. Entertaining if nothing else.

Don't rush to check out Fury Road, but give it a try if you want to see how MLW does things.

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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