Select Match Reviews: Golden Girls

Match from STARDOM Gold May
1.Toni Storm vs Kagetsu ***1/2
2.Artist of STARDOM Titles: STARS(c) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad ***3/4
3.World of STARDOM Title: Bea(c) vs Hazuki ***1/2
4.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Momo(c) vs Hoshiki ***3/4

STARDOM continues pumping out hits with this one. Another very good Toni match ending in a draw kicked off our pulls and the three championship matches were all enjoyable. The Artist and Wonder contests in particular were well worth checking out and were great showcases of heart and drama.

Both title changes added to the drama and excitement, too. Honestly, if you aren't watching STARDOM I have to assume you just don't know they exist or you dislike the style for whatever reason.

Check out the digest version above and then go watch the matches listed.

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