YamaKong versus SHINGO + Young Yamato feuding with Yamato Original on this week's FREE DG offerings!!

Dragongate remains one of the most consistent and innovative promotions in the world and has a stacked roster of hardworking talents in front of it and a long line of gems in their catalog behind. Most weeks, GAORA uploads new editions of Battle Library and Cutting Edge Battle!! to their YouTube channel. The former looks at some of their biggest matches and programs from the past while the latter is basically We are STARDOM!! for DG, looking at recent content in half-hour packages. Both make for great entertainment each week and can usually be watched collectively in less than 60-minutes. If you're seeking new things, want to just check back in on DG, or...whatever, well here's the latest!

It's a lumberjack match with the Twin Gate Champs taking on the Dream Gate Champ at Korakuen back in 2008 on the new Battle Library episode!

And on Cutting Edge Battle!! we have Kota Minoura and Ben-K of GOLD CLASS taking on vets YAMATO and Susumu from Hopeful Gate.

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