The People’s Wrestling MidYear Awards

2024 has been another year of high quality content for fans of costumed murder gymnastics and it's time to take a look at the cream of the crop so far!

MOTY so far

Bird versus Dragon was a masterpiece, folks.

Men's WOTY so far

Ospreay has been on fire all year, giving PPV performances on weekly television.

Women's WOTY so far

Sareee really has been a gem this year, serving as a workhorse everywhere she goes.

Tag Team of the Year so far

Issues and politics aside, seriously go and look at their catalog this year!

Promotion of the Year so far

The fact is, AEW has had more legit MOTYC's, the best weekly show in the states despite some stiff competition, and the best track record with special events delivering. From a sheer quality perspective, AEW remains on top.

Program of the Year so far

Raw has improved yet remains three hours and has consistent problems, new and old. SmackDown and Collision fail to find a proper groove. Rampage is largely skippable. NXT is okay. The fact is, Dynamite is the best new content wrestling program on the market right now. It's far from perfect, but remains a force.

Event of the Year so far

Revolution was an epic show with few weak links and top shelf quality at nearly every other level. Eddie Kingston took on The American Dragon, Strong and Orange further elevated the International Title, Blackpool Combat Club and FTR had an awesome tag match, Ospreay and Soup tried to kill each other and themselves, Joe beat Page and Strickland in a strong three-way, and Sting was amazing in the excellent main event. This show was about as perfect as it gets!

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