McIntyre, Dragunov, Sheamus main event RAW in our People's TV MOTW!! | July, Week 1

Sheamus, Ilja, and Drew worked this week's main event of Raw, giving us an all-European three-way that delivered PPV quality content on US television. It's one of the best things WWE has given us all year and easily this week's TV MOTW!

When you're done with that, you have got to check out the others from the top five:

2. Page vs White, Collision

3. Danielson vs PAC, Dynamite

4. Parker vs Michin, NXT

5. DIY vs Theory, Waller, SD

Honorable Mentions: Rey vs Dom, Liv vs Vega, Garcia vs Ospreay, Claudio vs Mortos, Hendry vs Something

It was a GREAT week for high quality TV action!

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