Emerald Blood Knot + how we'll be covering sports moving forward

Quick posts about recent victories will remain in some form. Select recap newsletters, typically weekly, and focused entries will be added in hopes of adding more organized coverage.

Posts labeled "Emerald Blood Knot" will, for example, be largely looking at stuff with Bohemian, Celtic, Pool, Wrexham, and Red Star alongside some relevant news and such from the area. We'll spotlight select clubs here too, like Athens. Check the Europe section for entries. Use common sense for locating the rest noting they all follow the same trend set here.

La Máquina Minuto will look at Cruz Azul's men's and women's teams and Diablos Rojos baseball. We'll give some respect to Pumas from time to time, to. A potential crossover with lucha libre may come at some point.

Riepilogo Rossonero is largely an AC Milan spotlight run but we give love to Livorno and some from the Italian faction of R.A.W. for good measure!

Verde View promotes Austin FC but gives love to Detroit City FC, Vermont Green, and some occasional looks to other North American clubs that we appreciate.

The Pirate's Log looks largely at St. Pauli, but gives some respect to other German faction clubs.

We're further expanding R.A.W. to provide for three, regional specific factions and, with each, a similar series to recap sports and other content:

R.A.W. Toronto will include the SixSection posts that look at Toronto FC, York United, Raptors basketball, and the Argos from the CFL. Coming soon. 

R.A.W. Gotham includes a new version of the Gotham Sports Aria that will look at the Mets, Devils, Jets, and Rutgers sports. Launching later this month.

R.A.W.日本  will include 火事recap, looking at Dragons baseball + Yokohama FC alongside Japanese wrestling and more!

These new newsletter and recap posts will make up a bulk of R.A.W. content. Some start asap, others soon enough. 

Again, each run will also look at some relevant stories regarding the struggles of the working class, corruption of the elites, and more. We aim to use the world's sport, and other sports, to unite the global community in some form to better the chances at a brighter future. We're all in this shit together!

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