Austin tell New York to fuck off and go back home!

It wasn't long before New York was up 0-1 on the road, but the lights went green in the extra minutes of the first half thanks to some beautiful longball play, getting things back to even. A second goal in the 68th sent Club Verde ahead. Both were thanks to Gyasi, but great assists from Obrian and Wolff deserve mention. It was a fantastic evening of football in Austin and this W slides them into 9th on the table in the West. That's one place behind the assholes at Houston, by the way! Next up on the schedule is another homestand with Seattle coming in on the 13th and a victory could potentially move them all the way up to 5th. A consistent string of victories would be a nice change of pace and is hopefully starting with their result last night. We'll keep checking back to see if they can make it happen!

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