Vermont win 5-0 against Boston City!

The Green Environmental Football Machine did it again, dropping five on Boston to take full points and, hopefully, confidence moving forward. The team has been inconsistent all season, but has every chance to make it into the playoffs at the moment. Every W, L, and D from here means double, folks, so buckle in and lets see what this squad is made of!!

When you're done watching Vermont commit murder on the field, check out THIS book on the state labor movement. Then, when you are finished, consider joining R.A.W. North America. It's a socialist network for supporters of a few awesome clubs from around the continent, including the Green here. You can BYOClub if you'd prefer, though. We pride ourselves in promoting education and organization and include resources on how to make the planet better, your soul happier, and your community a more complete place. It's forever a work in progress, never perfect, but there's no reason to continue to divide when unity is an option.

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